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"Vizni - skandali!"

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ABC Click to EMail ABCClick to check IP address of the poster 15-Feb-05, 11:19 PM (GMT)
"Vizni - skandali!"
Joshka Fisher bil glavniot mafijash vo EU koj go organiziral shvercot so prostitutki vo zapadna Evropa.Znaejki go osnovniot i edinstven fakt deka Albancite se ``glavni``protagonisti za narko-prostitutskata rabota vo EU,togash ne treba da ne cudi ako vo Germanskite ambasadi sme gledale tolku mnogu Albanci koj lesno dobivaat vizi a i posreduvaat pri nivno ``vadenje``.Znaci bi mozelo da se konstatira deka ``zeleniot``Germanec e dlaboko navlezen vo kriminal so megunaroden rang.

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RE: Vizni - skandali!, ABC, 16-Feb-05, (2)
RE: Vizni - skandali!, ALI, 16-Feb-05, (3)
RE: Vizni - skandali!, ABC, 16-Feb-05, (4)
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30,000 Alb. prostitutki, Skopjanec, 16-Feb-05, (8)
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RE: Joshka(evreinot)priznava i se f..., Bajram, 28-Apr-05, (18)

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ALI Click to EMail ALIClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 11:07 AM (GMT)
1. "RE: Vizni - skandali!"
>Joshka Fisher bil glavniot mafijash vo
>EU koj go organiziral shvercot
>so prostitutki vo zapadna Evropa.Znaejki
>go osnovniot i edinstven fakt
>deka Albancite se ``glavni``protagonisti za
>narko-prostitutskata rabota vo EU,togash ne
>treba da ne cudi ako
>vo Germanskite ambasadi sme gledale
>tolku mnogu Albanci koj lesno
>dobivaat vizi a i posreduvaat
>pri nivno ``vadenje``.Znaci bi mozelo
>da se konstatira deka ``zeleniot``Germanec
>e dlaboko navlezen vo kriminal
>so megunaroden rang.

mislam deka si polanalfabet i kako takov ke te tretiram. Stanuva zbor za vizi vo Ukraina i vo Rusija. Vasite brakja rusite i ukraincite ki prakjat svoite zeni vo zapadna evropa na "pecalba". procitajgo podorbo vo toj skandal se vmesani germanskite i ruskite mafijasi.
treba ruskite i ukrainskite zeni da se emancipirat i da ne stanuvaat sexmashina vo zapadna evropa.
Sto e so vasite zeni? za bugarkite e vekje dolgo vreme poznato deka mnogu arno se prostituirat!


ABC Click to EMail ABCClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 02:22 PM (GMT)
2. "RE: Vizni - skandali!"
Se razbira deka i nashite se prostituiraat,kako i vashite!Megutoa glavni makroa za shirenje na prostitucijata niz Evropa ne se Ruskite ili Ukrainskite,tuku toa se Albanskite drzavjani od tipot na Dilaver Bojku-Leka za kogo i moronot Batler dade potvrdna izjava i zaradi kogo ja zabavi ``integracijata`` vo NATO,pritoa prekoruvajki gi nashite moroni na vlast deka so nego i so negovite mentori si igraat ``pispile-kopance``(vo druga prilika ke ti objasnam shto znaci toa ako ne znaesh).

ALI Click to EMail ALIClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 02:44 PM (GMT)
3. "RE: Vizni - skandali!"
>Se razbira deka i nashite se
>prostituiraat,kako i vashite!Megutoa glavni makroa
>za shirenje na prostitucijata niz
>Evropa ne se Ruskite ili
>Ukrainskite,tuku toa se Albanskite drzavjani
>od tipot na Dilaver Bojku-Leka
>za kogo i moronot Batler
>dade potvrdna izjava i zaradi
>kogo ja zabavi ``integracijata`` vo
>NATO,pritoa prekoruvajki gi nashite moroni
>na vlast deka so nego
>i so negovite mentori si
>igraat ``pispile-kopance``(vo druga prilika ke
>ti objasnam shto znaci toa
>ako ne znaesh).

Dilaver e sitna riba vo sporedba so ruskite mafijasi,... ne sakam da ja prosiram dikusijata

Dilavec&Co gi prodava ruskinkite, ukrainikite, srbinikite, makedonkite, at tie zeni togas sami se prostituiraat. Tuka e razlikata, albancite samo gi transportirat a gorenavedenite zeni sami si ja vrsat "rabotata",... ednata raka ja pere drugata raka, razbiras prijatele?


ABC Click to EMail ABCClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 04:21 PM (GMT)
4. "RE: Vizni - skandali!"
Anglicanite velat deka prostitucijata kaj niv e rabota vo najgolem del na Albanskata mafija,istoto e i vo Italia,Shvajcaria,golem del na Germanija.Tocno deka Dilaver e sitna lokalna riba,ama krupnata e neshto kako Joshka Fisher!

ALI Click to EMail ALIClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 05:54 PM (GMT)
5. "RE: Vizni - skandali!"
>Anglicanite velat deka prostitucijata kaj niv
>e rabota vo najgolem del
>na Albanskata mafija,istoto e i
>vo Italia,Shvajcaria,golem del na Germanija.Tocno
>deka Dilaver e sitna lokalna
>riba,ama krupnata e neshto kako
>Joshka Fisher!

sto mislis ti kaurce, Joschka Fischer e albanec? Airlija neka e, Da ne i Schröder Albanec?

kutriot maulumniot kaur ubav na majka si


balkanboy Click to EMail balkanboyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 06:02 PM (GMT)
6. "RE: Vizni - skandali!"

ALI mu ne dozvoluvaj na ABC da te odvlece od "intelektualna" diskusija. pusti go ti nego, najdi nekoj so obrazovan kako tebe pa relicirajte primer na tema kolku albancite se represirani od kaurite.

Skopjanec Click to EMail SkopjanecClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 06:59 PM (GMT)
7. "Aljbanija - prostitucija"

Albanian Girls Kidnapped, Devoured Into a World of Prostitution

TIRANA, Albania, May 21 — In the tiny and very poor village of Fushara in northern Albania, the girls are disappearing.

Gjin Lleshi lost two daughters: one was 15 and the other 17. He says they were taken by men who promised to marry them. Instead, the girls wound up as teenage prostitutes on the streets of Italy, smuggled there by the Albanian mafia.

It happens almost every day, in just about every village and town in Albania.

"They are kidnapped mostly," says Lydia Bici of the International Catholic Migration Commission. "The minors are mostly kidnapped from discos or bars or the streets even from the schools."

In some villages, families have stopped sending their teenage girls to school, fearing they could be kidnapped and taken to a world they can hardly imagine.

"A majority, it seems like, of the women who are trafficked are under 18 years old," says Sophie Mosko of Save the Children. "They're demanded younger and younger in the sex trade because there's less fear of AIDS."

There are now about 30,000 Albanian prostitutes walking the streets of Europe. In a country of only about 3 million people, that is almost 1 percent of the Albanian population. It is believed that most of these prostitutes were trafficked into Europe as children.

Forced Into Prostitution

Two years ago, 15-year-old Mariana Lleshi was lured away from her home by a local shop owner who said he wanted to take her to Italy and marry her. For three weeks her parents heard nothing from her.

Then they received a horrifying letter, in which Mariana told her parents she had first been driven to the northern Albanian city of Skhoder, where the man who had promised to marry her said there would be no marriage. His true plan, he said, was to sell her as a prostitute. When she resisted, he took out a knife and forced her to go with him.

For Mariana, there was no escape, as she was driven south through Albania's heartland. Those who have been lucky enough to get away from their captors say the traffickers are ruthless and often violent.

Like most of the future prostitutes smuggled out of Albania, Mariana was taken to the southern port city of Vlore, the epicenter of the country's smuggling industry. From there, it is only approximately 70 miles across the Adriatic Sea to the Italian coast. With their high-speed boats, traffickers can cover that distance in less than two hours.

According to Albanian police, the boats can carry more than 40 people at a time. And when they reach Italy, the girls and young women are sold to a pimp. Their value is then determined by their age, beauty and experience.

"I mean a young virgin-like girl, by the time she gets to Italy could be worth as much as $10,000," says Degan Ali of the International Organization for Migration. "She's a real investment."

Many prostitutes work for nothing. One former prostitute who was kidnapped at the age of 17 told ABCNEWS that even though she made about $500 a night, her pimp took it all. One night when he found money tucked in her underwear, he drugged her and beat her until she was unconscious.

"The next time I saw myself, I was stark naked on the bed," she recalls. "A friend of mine helped me to get up. I was covered in blood."

With Mariana trapped in Italy, back in Albania tragedy was striking the Lleshi family once again. Mariana's 17-year-old sister was also kidnapped, and this time a third sister, Marta, told police who did it. Shortly after that, her father says, Marta was brutally killed. Her dismembered body was found in a bag by the river. The killers have not been caught.

Auctioned Off Like Slaves

A private shelter in the Albanian capital houses a group of girls and young women who have managed to escape their captors. One young woman, Elizaveta, says as she was sold from one criminal syndicate to another, she was auctioned off like an animal for prospective buyers:

"The clients would come to the house and the owner would tell us to undress, to put on some makeup and to just let the clients see us to see that we didn't have any tattoos or marks. We were in our underwear or completely naked. Then after a few days they would come back to either buy girls or not."

Ali defines it as slavery. " it's forced, and you're not earning any income from your labor, and you're being sold from one trafficker to another, yes, I would classify it as slavery. I think it has all the elements to classify it as slavery."

Corruption Runs Deep

How Albania became a source for prostitution has a lot to do with its history. For 46 years, Albania was a strict communist state, almost completely cut off from the outside world. Its leader, Enver Hoxha, was so paranoid of subversive forces both inside and outside the country he broke off almost all relations with the outside world including China and the Soviet Union.

When the communist era came crashing down in 1991, the people of Albania were left with almost nothing. Organized crime quickly rushed in to fill the vacuum and the Albanian mafia quickly developed a reputation as a ruthless smuggler of weapons, drugs and women.

"I think the Italian mafia did an excellent job of teacher training for the Albanian mafia, and they became very powerful very quickly," says Mosko. "Trafficking for prostitution is the easiest trafficking to do because there's no investment involved.

"It's just cheap," she adds. "You don't have to buy drugs, you don't have to buy guns. You just kidnap girls."

And you pay off the judges, the politicians and the police. In the first three months of this year more than 50 Albanian police officers were thrown off the force for taking bribes from the mafia. Some are even directly involved in trafficking.

The corruption runs deep, as the police are even known to sell the girls who fall into their hands.

"I have to sadly admit there have also been policemen who are corrupted and who have been involved in this kind of trafficking," says Ilir Gjoni, the Albanian Minister of Public Order. "They are part of the criminal society."

Today, the Albanian and Italian police patrol the Adriatic Sea together. Occasionally, they arrest some of the traffickers but that is of no solace to the families of the Albanian countryside who mourn the loss of their daughters and pray they will see them again.


Skopjanec Click to EMail SkopjanecClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 07:01 PM (GMT)
8. "30,000 Alb. prostitutki"
Albania: Breaking Cycle of Prostitution

A few brave individuals are tackling the trade in women that's devastating rural communities.

By Agim Kanani in Tirana (BCR 332, 19-Apr-02)

In the arrivals hall at Rinas International Airport, young Albanian women hurry past, showing telltale signs of beatings by pimps. They are caught in the cycle of international prostitution. No sooner are they flown home than they have to return to red light districts in Western Europe.

The women are not keen to talk, still less to explain their bruises. "I had a car accident," said one with two missing teeth and a bruise on her cheek. A second, named Silvana, will not explain the scar on her lip and her bruised jaw. Another with similar injuries said, "I slipped in the bathroom".

Aid agencies estimate 30,000 Albanian prostitutes work across Europe. They comprise almost 1 per cent of Albania's population. At least 60 per cent are children, most abducted or tricked into prostitution in one of the worst trafficking rackets on the continent.

"Do not expect them to tell you the truth," a policeman at the airport says. "Each returnee wants to go back to Italy. This is not just because of their pimps' threats, it is because their families won't accept them. One of them told me, 'I don't want to return home as my father would beat me up'."

These women have few prospects back in Albania. In the Albanian section of its annual report last year, the US State Department said they faced "significant stigmatisation from their families and society". It went on, "Given the scope of the trafficking problem and limited resources to address reintegration, most victims of trafficking receive little or no assistance."

Many border police show no sympathy to such women, seeing them as criminals rather than victims. As soon as they get off the plane, most are already preparing to travel back to Italy on clandestine speedboats. With 10 to 15 such vessels leaving each night from the port of Vlora alone, the right payment always secures a seat.

But some shelters are now opening to help these women break out of the cycle of prostitution and reintegrate with the community. Secret refuges have opened in Tirana and Vlora. In Fier, central Albania, the local police chief, Xhavit Shala, has built a basic refuge in his station compound.

"Albanians need to learn to treat these women as victims and not prostitutes," said Shala, who is keen to break the power of the traffickers. He held meetings with teachers, business leaders and residents to explain how the traffic in prostitutes is wrecking village life.

The results were startling. Complaints against pimps and traffickers jumped by almost 400 per cent. Shala started his temporary shelter in the police compound to safeguard women while police developed cases against their pimps.

When the government declined to fund the refuge, he raised the 18,000 US dollars he needed from local businesses. The three metal edifices hold only a few bunk beds and school desks. But the rooms are clean and the surrounding wire fence protects a small yard.

One problem facing Shala is that some of those in his care leave because the courts take too long to bring their pimps to trial. He has asked the justice ministry to speed up the cases but has yet to receive a response.

The authorities also refused to pay for the women's food at the shelter. "I am no longer asking officials for any help," Shala said. "I am only asking them to stop putting obstacles in our way."

His refuge tries to persuade the women's families to take them back. "We tell them it is not only their daughter's responsibility for falling into prostitution but their own," Shala explained. "The statistics show that their daughters were deceived into becoming prostitutes. We ask why their families permitted them to be deceived."

Since it opened last December, the Vlora project has cared for 40 girls and reunited most with their families.

But the shelter's benefactor, who asked not to be named, said the pimps' influence should never be underestimated and she herself had been directly threatened. "The job horrifies me," she said.

Even when families take their daughters back, it is rarely a long-term solution. "Sometimes I visit the girls and I don't find them at home anymore," she continued. "Girls trafficked in this way have little hope of re-establishing a normal life."

Agim Kanani is a freelance journalist in Tirana.


Visar Click to EMail VisarClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 07:31 PM (GMT)
9. "RE: 30,000 Alb. prostitutki"
Ne znam dali cifrava e tocna ne procenkite odat kon toa.Da, toa e tocno, zatoa pred nekoj den Tadic izjavi "ne bojimo se mi velike albanije nego velikog kosova" Ovaa izjava ima mnogu dimenzii i go objasnuva stravot od albancite potocno kosovarite vo idnite sealbanski slucuvanja na balkanov.

Za zal Albanija vo nekoi delovi na opsestvoto e vo rasulo i toa e posledica na grcko-slavjanskata politicka garnitura na vlast so grkomanot Fatos Nano.Tipot ima svoja programa(grcko-srpska) no veruvam deka nema za dolgo da ostane na vlast.


balkanboy Click to EMail balkanboyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 18-Feb-05, 00:36 AM (GMT)
13. "RE: 30,000 Alb. prostitutki"

nemoj be visar so teorii za zavera...grcko-slavjanski...zamisli da bese muslimanski orientiran pa nekoja drzava od tipot na iran ili sirija...mozebi amerika vo toj slucaj nemase da bide sojuznik

Skopjanec Click to EMail SkopjanecClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Feb-05, 07:59 PM (GMT)
10. "Alb.mafija vo London"
Albanian mafia takes control of Soho vice scene

By Ian Burrell, Home Affairs Correspondent 18 June 2001

The Albanian mafia has seized control of the Soho vice trade, according to a Home Office report.

In the space of less than a year, the ruthless Eastern European crime network has moved into almost all of the saunas and massage parlours in the heart of Britain's sex industry. The development is described as a "revolution" by one government source.

A Home Office briefing, seen by The Independent, says: "Around 70 per cent of sauna/massage parlours in London's Soho now controlled by Albanians/Kosovars." The briefing said that the "tightening grip" of Albanian gangs on the vice trade was "changing the landscape" of Britain's sex industry. The Albanian mafia's establishment of a foothold in Britain is of deep concern to law enforcement agencies, which have been concerned by the crime network's growing presence in other parts of Europe.

A source said: "Twelve months ago, Albanian organised crime was not an issue for the UK. Their infiltration has been very swift."

Albanian gangs already control much of the vice in Greece, Germany and Italy, where they have been prepared to take on the Italian Mafia, particularly in Milan. The Home Office report follows a shocking study by Save the Children last March, which revealed that thousands of Albanian girls as young as 14 were being abducted from their families and sent overseas to work as prostitutes.

A concerted police raid on Soho brothels in February revealed that 80 per cent of women working as prostitutes were from overseas, mostly from the Balkans and Baltic states. According to the National Criminal Intelligence Service, Albanian women are also being moved to red light areas in the north of England and the Midlands. Nearly a decade ago it was predicted that Russian organised crime would seek to exert influence over the British vice trade but instead it is Albanian gangs that have taken control.

Inspector Paul Holmes, of the Metropolitan Police clubs and vice unit, said the Albanians had come to prominence "very rapidly" by striking a deal with the Maltese and East End London gangsters who have traditionally dominated the Soho vice scene. Inspector Holmes said he believed that 70 to 75 per cent of women working in UK brothels were now from Albania or were Kosovo Albanians.

"The Albanians have inserted their girls into the existing infrastructure but the women are being controlled by organised criminals," he said.

The arrival of the Albanian mafia has not yet led to violence. Inspector Holmes described the relationship between the Albanians and the traditional London vice rackets as "almost like a comfortable bedfellow thing.

"The people that run these places want a set level of money and don't care whether the girls are from Albania or Mars. But we are concerned at what will happen when the turf is full and the Albanians start setting up their own places."

Similar scenarios in Italy and Germany have led to violent clashes, with the Albanian gangs demonstrating that they are incomparably ruthless and heavily armed.

But some women's groups challenge the official view of Albanian prostitution in London. They argue that the women, many of whom are seeking asylum, are not being victimised and are grateful for an opportunity to earn money.

Niki Adams of the English Collective of Prostitutes said all the Albanian women she had met had claimed to be "working independently" and none had said they were exploited by criminal racketeers.

"There are a number of women in Soho who are sending money back to their families and have said to us, 'I am the only wage earner in my family'," she said.

Inspector Holmes said 90 per cent of the women knew they would be working as prostitutes when they left Albania but he rejected the idea that they were working independently. "What they believe is that once they have paid their debt bond they will be able to make significant money for themselves. The reality is completely different," he said. "At its most benign it is ruthless exploitation and at its most malevolent it is rape on a daily basis." Albanian prostitutes were terrified of giving evidence against their pimps in case of reprisals against their families, he said.

The problem of the Albanian mafia in Britain will be raised tomorrow in Edinburgh, when some of the world's foremost experts on organised crime will meet to discuss emerging trends at the Global Forum for Law Enforcement and National Security.

The guest speaker, Mark Galeotti, the director of the organised crime centre at Keele University, told The Independent that the Albanian mafia was "the key crime group emerging at the moment" in Britain.

The old territorial crime families were "increasingly dinosaurial", he said.


ABC Click to EMail ABCClick to check IP address of the poster 17-Feb-05, 00:01 AM (GMT)
11. "RE: Alb.mafija vo London"
A koga ova bi go procital ALI naprimer toj bi rekol deka toa se Rusi i Ukrainci so Albanski drzavjanstva.Samo ``zeleniot`` Joshka da mu bide so cist obraz a za Albancite znaeme deka seushte se vodat kako drzavjani na Srbija i Crna Gora(mislam na onie od Kosmet).No protiv bolnata vistina so nishto ne se moze!

Skopjanec Click to EMail SkopjanecClick to check IP address of the poster 18-Feb-05, 00:31 AM (GMT)
12. "Fatos Nanos"
A koga istoto bi go procital Chop - bi im ponudil bugarski drzavjanstva bez pari.

Fatos Nanos ne e grkoman, tuku e Grk, prikrien normalno. Grcite mnogu jak potez napravija vo juzna Albanija so popisot na naselenieto kako Grcko. Normalno Nanos vodi grcka politika (sto ne e isto so "slovenska"). A vie glupi, protiv nas se svrtevte i ni stanavte neprijateli za vek i vekov namesto da gi blokirate Grcite preku nas. Ama mozese li popametno da ocekuvame od Visarite?


Visar Click to EMail VisarClick to check IP address of the poster 18-Feb-05, 09:45 AM (GMT)
14. "RE: Fatos Nanos"
I toj ke dojde na red.Ne e grk tuku grcka prodadena dusa ili podobro kazano biznismen koj e spremen se da napravi za pari.

ABC Click to EMail ABCClick to check IP address of the poster 18-Feb-05, 02:13 PM (GMT)
15. "RE: Fatos Nanos"
A mozebi Salija Berisha vi beshe podobar?Abe toj vi go skroi cunkot,pa ne ke mozete da se otpletkate i 10 godini posle nas.Mislite deka so natalitet se se pobeduva.Ako Fatos vi e losh a Salija dobar,trk tamu da mu pomognete da pobedi i naselete gi ruralnite regioni so koj Albanija raspolaga vo dovolen broj!

ABC Click to EMail ABCClick to check IP address of the poster 27-Apr-05, 03:59 PM (GMT)
16. "Joshka(evreinot)priznava i se fali!"
БЕРЛИН, 27 април (Ројтерс) - Германскиот министер за надворешна политика Јошка Фишер завчера призна дека можел да дејствува и побрзо во спречувањето на злоупотребите во издавањето визи кои им овозможиле на криминалци од источна Европа да влезат во Германија во периодот меѓу 2000 и 2002 година, но одби да поднесе оставка.
"Одговорноста е моја. Запишете, Фишер е виновен", изјави тој пред специјалната парламентарна комисија која водеше истрага за аферата што го оцрни имиџот на лидерот на Зелените и ја намали поддршката за неговата партија.
"Требаше да бидам информиран и порано да дејствувам. Тоа беше моја грешка", додаде тој во признанието што беше емитувано во живо на главните телевизиски станици.
Откако понизно ги призна грешките во двочасовниот говор на почетокот на седницата, борбениот Фишер стапи во офанзива. Во острите реплики со членовите на комисијата тој остро негираше дека лабавиот визен режим што го вовело неговото министерство е одговорен за проблемите на границите во Германија.
Во еден момент, кога од него се побара да каже какви конкретни дејствија ќе преземе за да покаже дека ја прифаќа одговорноста за скандалот со визите, Фишер на своите опоненти им рече дека ќе предложи да се гласа во парламентот ако сакаат да го соборат.
"Ако добиете мнозинство, ќе се ослободите од мене", рече тој.
Скандалот со визите доби посебно внимание во германските печатени медиуми откако се дозна за масовните злоупотреби во Германскиот конзулат во Киев на почетокот на годината. Скандалот допре болна точка во Германија каде што многу граѓани се плашат дека имигрантите од Источна Европа им ги земаат работните места со евтината работна рака.

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17. "RE: Joshka(evreinot)priznava i se fali!"
Берлин, 13 април (МИА) - На десетици илјади косовски Албанци во текот на 2003 година во германската Канцеларија за врски во Приштина им биле издавани визи без соодветна претходна проверка во согласност со Шенгенскиот договор, објавува германскиот весник "Ди Велт", повикувајќи се на извори во Министерството за надворешни работи во Берлин.
Според весникот, визите биле издавани дури и во случаи кога апликантите не ги исполнувале предвидените услови.
"Велт" наведува дека главна причина за таквите "пропусти" е недостигот на соодветен персонал во германската Канцеларија за врски, но, според германското Министерство за надворешни работи, не се исклучува можноста од корупција, како и сомнежот дека локални соработници на Канцеларијата се занимавале со криминални дејства.


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18. "RE: Joshka(evreinot)priznava i se fali!"
Vo Svedska, prema pisuvanjeto na pecatot, e otkriena i pritvorena grupa na Albanci koi od Kosovo skrisum prenesuvale mladi devojki na prostitucija. Eden od tie Albanci veke vo Kosovo izgradil sopstvena kuka na 8 sprata. Isplatliv biznis, nema sto!


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