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Patnik Click to EMail PatnikClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 04:38 PM (GMT)

potisete ja peticijata i dajte go svojot

Dragi ALBANCI, lojalni na svojata TATKOVINA,
potisete ja peticijata i dajte go svojot

Dovolno e da go posetite likot:

i tamu da ja napisete svojata E-mail adresa ime i prezime i mesto na ziveenje.

Ne cekajte, storete go toa VEDAS!


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vo momentov se potpisa 8000 glas , Patnik, 06-May-05, (1)
:-), Elena, 06-May-05, (2)
RE: :-), Patnik, 06-May-05, (3)
RE: GLAS ZA MAKEDONIJA!, Patnik, 06-May-05, (4)
Zabluda :-), Elena, 06-May-05, (5)
Tatar ne naidoh, zal!, stoil, 06-May-05, (6)

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Patnik Click to EMail PatnikClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 04:44 PM (GMT)
1. "vo momentov se potpisa 8000 glas "
Direktno mozete da sledite koj se se potpisuva na peticonata lista na :


Elena Click to EMail ElenaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 04:50 PM (GMT)
2. ":-)"
Patnik, da ne gi pomesa slucajno linkovite ili pak jas ne razbiram zosto da se "potpiseme" pod prviot link!?

Patnik Click to EMail PatnikClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 05:13 PM (GMT)
3. "RE: :-)"
Come on folks....22,996 Greeks signed their petition
against our name, and we cannot even collect
all their signatures....

Now sign the petition and forward it to every single
Macedonian you know...
We need to get over 30,000 signatures to make an impact. I
strongly believe we can do it. Sign for your parents
and grandparents and family members if they do not have

Ova e linkot kade sto e manifestot na PETICIJATA ili eve go ovde podolu:



United Macedonian Diaspora


Secretary-General of the United Nations and its Member Nations
Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union and its Member States
Secretary-General of the Council of Europe
President of the European Parliament and Parliamentarians
European Parliament Committee on Foreign Relations
Secretary-General of the NATO and its Alliance Member Nations
The World Bank
The International Monetary Fund
Holy See – Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI
United States President
United States Secretary of State
United States Secretary of Defense
United States National Security Council
United States Senators
United States Senate International Relations Committee
United States House of Representatives
United States House Foreign Affairs Committee
United States Ambassador to Macedonia
Australian Government
British Government
Canadian Government
Chinese Government
French Government
Russian Government
Macedonian President
Macedonian Prime Minister
Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Macedonian Minister of Defense
Macedonian Agency for Emigration
Macedonian Parliament
Macedonian Ambassador to the United States
Macedonian Media
International Media

Subject: Furthering the International Community’s Support for the Republic of Macedonia

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia, hereinafter referred to as ‘Macedonia,’ has made every effort to create an atmosphere in which a multi-ethnic society can develop and prosper. Macedonia serves, and will continue to serve, as an ideal developmental model reflecting prosperous multi-ethnic European society. The country has worked to resolve the heavy challenges of establishing a multi-cultural society despite the many socio-economic problems it has faced since its statehood in 1991. Equally important, Macedonia has shown uncommon determination in its efforts to embrace the Western Democratic Order. It is now incumbent on Macedonia’s neighboring states of Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Serbia to adopt, to implement, and to further the developmental model of a functional multi-ethnic Europe by discarding their respective policies of state sponsored religious and/or racial discrimination against people of ethnic Macedonian origin.

All signatories to said petition agree to act as human rights advocates pledging to end racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination against people of ethnic Macedonian origin; moreover, representing the United Macedonian Diaspora, all participants agree to act as advocates of sound public policy highlighting a careful consideration of key issues regarding Macedonia and the wider Balkan region, which are the following:

· Under the rule of international law, there is no precedent granting to any government the power or authority to dictate to an independent sovereign nation what the sovereign’s name is or should be. We urge the United Nations, the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and those nations who have not yet done so, to take the logical step of formally conveying full diplomatic recognition to Macedonia under its constitutional name, “The Republic of Macedonia.”

· The right to self-identification is enshrined in international law (Framework Convention on National Minorities , Art. 3). This right has individual and collective dimensions. Each person has the right to identify themselves with a minority group (or not), and each group has the right to decide whether it would like to preserve its own group identity; including customs, traditions, language and religion. In its General Comment 23 on Article 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the United Nations Committee on Human Rights (UNCHR) stressed that the existence of a group is based on objective criteria coupled with the right to self-identification, and that it is not up to the state to decide whether a minority group exists. Under the above cited precedent, it is incumbent on the United Nations and its members to recognize the displaced, violated, or tortured minority group which self-identifies as Macedonian; including those Macedonian groups living, residing, or desiring to return to their homes in the states of Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania. Moreover, as established by the government of the United States of America vis-à-vis the U.N. Committee on Human Rights, worldwide diplomatic recognition of the state of Macedonia under its constitutional name “The Republic of Macedonia” is indispensable, just, and mandatory.

· Stemming from systematic discrimination by the Greek, Bulgarian, and Albanian governments upon their own Macedonian minority, we urge the International Community to put pressure upon these governments to acknowledge the existence of an ethnic Macedonian minority with its own culture, customs, traditions and language; to stop the policies of forced assimilation and denationalization of ethnic Macedonian minorities, as guaranteed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Helsinki Agreement and the Vienna and Copenhagen documents of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

· The Macedonian minorities living in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania must be granted the right to the repatriation and restitution of lands, territories, and resources which they have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which have been confiscated, occupied, used or damaged without their free and informed consent in the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest in 1913. Where this is not possible, the Macedonian minorities should have the right to just and fair compensation. Unless otherwise freely agreed upon by the parties concerned, compensation shall take the form of lands, territories, and resources equal in quality, size, and legal status.

· It is incumbent upon the European Union, under the Maastricht Treaty, for the European Community’s central institutions to act “ insofar as the objectives of the proposed action cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States.” Here, ending state-sponsored racial and religious discrimination by Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Serbia “cannot be sufficiently achieved” without direct action by the European Community’s central institutions. Therefore, we call upon the European Community to predicate and enforce the values of subsidiarity equally, and among all Member States, free of any racial, religious, or gender based discrimination; these include: the right of minority self-determination and accountability, minority political liberty, preservation of ethnic identity of all peoples, preservation of racial and religious diversity, and respect for all minority political groups.

· We urge the International Community to pressure the European Community, especially the governments of Greece, Serbia-Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Albania, along with their ecclesiastical authorities, to recognize the Macedonian Orthodox Church and Jewish-Macedonians in order to preserve the right to freedom of religion. We encourage restoration of old, and the building of new, Macedonian Orthodox churches and Macedonian-Jewish synagogues within their countries, and allowing the use of the Macedonian language during worship.

· It is in the best interest of Europe and the Westernized World to do everything possible so as to insure security, peace, vigorous economic growth, and continued progress toward democratization of Macedonia, with the goal of ensuring a more stable Balkan region. We urge the European Union to provide full assistance to Macedonia in its stabilization efforts towards becoming a Member State; essentially, to do in Macedonia and the Balkans what the Western European countries did in the 1970s to stabilize Spain and Portugal.

· In the interest of avoiding a repeat of the violence witnessed in Bosnia or Kosovo, immediate implementation of positive social and economic reforms banning respective racial, national origin, religious, or gender-based discrimination in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania remain fundamental to the stability of Europe.

· In cooperating with NATO, Macedonia played a key role in preventing the spread of the Kosovo crisis. Macedonia, as a long-time member of the NATO “Partners for Peace” program has had on-going cooperative training exercises with the United States military and in the spirit of defense cooperation has been active in sending military units to Afghanistan and Iraq. We support the on-going efforts for Macedonian admission into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

· We urge the International Community’s intervention and institutionalization of continuous long-term mechanisms necessary against those who threaten the stability, the economic development, and the continued multi-ethnic development of the democratic process in Macedonia; including international monitoring and regulating of state sponsored racial and religious discrimination against Macedonia or people of Macedonian origin by Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania. Peace in Macedonia, and along Macedonia’s borders, helps ensure lasting peace and stability in the wider region.

· We urge the United States and other major industrialized nations of the world, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other political and economic groups to provide economic assistance to Macedonia, thereby helping the country deal with the current internal and external imbalances. Furthermore, we demand from the government of Macedonia to provide access to capital resources for investment in Macedonia, as well to establish reforms and incentives that would increase trade and investment by supporting private companies, business experts, and economic development specialists.

· An internationally recognized demarcation of the Macedonia-Kosovo border furthers the stability of the region; specifically, this demarcation is imperative to respective law enforcement on both sides of the border in their fight against global terrorism, global illegal narcotics smuggling, and global illegal smuggling of women who fall victims to international prostitution rings.

To this end, the United Macedonian Diaspora would like to make it known to the International Community that we will no longer tolerate changes to our name, our identity, our national flag, symbols, and anthem, and existing territorial borders. The United Macedonian Diaspora believes strongly in the rights to freedom, liberty, and self-determination.


The Undersigned


Patnik Click to EMail PatnikClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 06:14 PM (GMT)
OVA BESE gresen LINK, epten sum ja utnal Elena fala ti mnogu!

Elena Click to EMail ElenaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 07:11 PM (GMT)
5. "Zabluda :-)"
Bunis, me bunis! Sumliva rabota Patnik, povikuvas da ja podrzuvame peticijata na Grcite... Bas se prasuvav dali juznite sosedi slucajno te pogrcile...

Samo mi bese zal za Meto Koloski, eptem inteligenten i angaziran mlad covek, pa si mislev podobro da spomnam, za da ne bide negovata rabota zaludna i na kraj edna golema zabluda...


stoil Click to EMail stoilClick to check IP address of the poster 06-May-05, 11:26 PM (GMT)
6. "Tatar ne naidoh, zal!"
Mr. Momcilo Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Momcilo Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Vera Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Sonja Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Jelena Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Bojan Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Konstantin Trajkovic, Self , Belgrade, Serbia
Mr. Hristos Dantis, Self , Beograd, Serbia
Mr. Ovidiu Palcu, Self , Alba Iulia, Romania


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